We are a vibrant network of Spirit-filled fellowships across the country. Whether you’re a committed follower of Yahshua (Jesus) or just exploring the idea of faith we’d love you to join us at one of our groups.

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The Congregation Of Yahweh

We’re here to help you to move through the various stages of your exciting journey of faith. You’ll discover who Yahshua is through courses and water baptism.

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Feast Of Unleavened Bread 2021

26th April 2021

We will consider how Yahshua might react in the various everyday situations we encounter. It will challenge us to behave as He would. What will it take for us to be Yahshua to the world?

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Choose Life!

When Yahweh means everything to us, as a people, then we, as a people, mean everything to Him! He has a vested interest in our welfare and well-being!


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