The Feast Of Tabernacles 2017

5th Oct 2017 – 12th Oct 2017

Welcome to the Feast!

We warmly welcome you to this year’s feast of Tabernacles. We look forward to great times of fellowship and teaching, fantastic worship, thanksgiving, and praise; and the space to simply have fun in the presence of the Father. Attending Tabernacles is also about building new friendships and renewing old ones. This all happens when people come together as a believing community who’re so excited about the blessings that Father has prepared for the period that they themselves become vessels of faith and joy.

Our theme this year is ‘Making Sense of the Times’. It’s a response to the unprecedented times we’re living in: the explosion of wars, violence, crime, knowledge, natural disasters, the global nature of business and commerce, the spread of terrorism, the fear and insecurity gripping people’s lives, the fragmentation of and apathy within the church. Right across the world people are asking, “What’s going on? What are we heading for?” These are becoming perilous times!

Through a series of sermons, scriptures, music and songs, we will seek to give some answers to the many questions that are being asked about the times.

Making Sense of the Times






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