The Feast Of Tabernacles 2018

The Kingdom Continued...

24th Sep 2018 – 1st Oct 2018

Celebrate the Feast!

The Kingdom

During the Feast of Tabernacles, we will continue with the theme which commenced at Unleavened Bread - The Kingdom. From the outset of His ministry Yahshua began to proclaim the kingdom and it’s a message we, today, must understand and come to terms with if we’re to be truly authentic disciples.

We will look at this through four sermons: The Message of the Kingdom, The Kingdom Now, Inheriting the Kingdom and The Coming Fulness of the Kingdom.

IMPORTANT!!!! There will be activity sessions for children aged 2-11 years old. If you are bringing children of these ages to the Feast and wish them to take part in these sessions, you MUST complete both the following forms and return them to us by 21st August.


Further details to follow...

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Prayer, reading the Bible, coming to meetings are necessary exercises for the spiritual man because we need to grow.They are like the jogger who runs to keep the body healthy.

Yohanan Tipler

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