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The congregation is a lively mix of nationalities and age-groups, catering for young families, right through to senior citizens. The focal meeting of the week is on a Sabbath (Saturday), where people from all over the city gather for vibrant worship, inspiring teaching and enriching fellowship.


Please note that the monthly Centre Church gathering on January 1st 2022 has been cancelled. The next scheduled meeting is 5th February.

Weekly Programme


This group meets each week @ 2:00pm. The Gospel is preached. There’s a time of worship, personal sharing and a short sermon which teaches about the Faith found in the Bible. You will also hear real life stories of individuals – the journey they have made throughout their life in coming to this Faith.

House Churches

Across the city are various small groups meeting in select houses late morning/early afternoon. The purpose of these is to help members participate in meaningful ways in the life of a ‘Church’ service which is outlined in the New Testament. Such activities include: Teaching, Prayer, Breaking of Bread, Fellowship (including sharing food), worship, hospitality, operating in the gifts of the holy Spirit, and outreach into the community

Senior Citizens Fellowship

Each week @ 11:00am in the Church Hall our senior citizens meet for fellowship and sharing, as well as food/refreshments. They share with each other about their faith and life, as well as chat about their week – this is a fun, relaxed time. The group also engages in discussions around the Bible and spend time praying together.

Seniors Study Group

Each week @ 11:00am, in the adjacent building (The Ark), a group of seniors meet to discuss some of the ‘truths’ in the Bible in more depth. The facilitator takes time to carefully teach some of those things which are a little harder to understand. This group is for the ‘enquiring mind’.


Community Outreach

It is a core mission of The Congregation to engage with outreach into various communities throughout Nottingham and surrounding towns/villages. Teams of people are trained to go onto the streets and into communities to engage with the general public, handing out key literature and offering to pray for those in need and who are wanting to explore the reality of Yahweh (God). It might also be that particular ministry initiatives are carried out such as care for the elderly, food bank, work with children, etc.

Venue (unless otherwise stated)

27a Carlton Road, Sneinton, Nottingham, NG3 2DG

For further information on any of the above activities:

Contact - Jon Thornton

Telephone: 0115 8378083
Mobile: 07875069082

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