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Thought For The Week 31

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The Bible has an interesting snippet of information about Yahshua’s cousin, John, he “…never performed a miraculous sign…” [John 10:41]  I wonder how he felt when his illustrious Cousin burst onto the ‘stage’ of Israel’s everyday life, healing the sick, raising the dead, drawing the crowds, antagonising the religious leaders.  Yahshua was anything but ordinary!  Do I hear a protest? “But John was also amazing…”?  We know that, but how many of us have learned that what we ourselves can do always seems ‘ordinary’, whilst what others do seems extraordinary? John’s mission in life was to be “…a witness to the light.” [John 1:8] and although he never performed a miracle Yahshua said of him, “Among those born of women there is no one greater…” [Luke 7:28]  He did what he was born to do!

Actually, doing the ordinary, everyday things of life in the Spirit of Yahshua; simply, by actions, reactions, caring and sharing, being a witness to the Light, can do more good than we know and can help to hold back the floodtide of iniquity that threatens even our own, personal world.  Be who you are and do those things that come naturally; allow Yahweh to work out His major plan for humanity by being faithful to the tiny corner allocated to you.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Luke 6:31 NIV


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