Behold The Lamb!

Thought For The Week 110

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We know that John was a prophet and a righteous man.  He would have been aware of the destiny of a sacrificial lamb, familiar with the scriptures defining a suffering Messiah, accustomed to the requirements of Passover and Atonement; and yet, had he I wonder, previously thought of Messiah as being ‘the Lamb of Yahweh’? Was his prophetic introduction of Yahshua as ‘the Lamb’ a revelation of the moment?  How shocked was he to realise that the sacrificial price of sin would be required of a young man he knew from birth?  I find the personal lives, lived out behind the records in Scripture, endlessly fascinating!

Later, when John was languishing in prison, he [understandably] was discouraged and his faith began to waver; had he been right?  He sent a message to Yahshua, “Are You really Who I said you were?” [My paraphrase: Matthew 11:2-3] Yahshua simply told John’s disciples to tell John what they had seen.  The works of Messiah are clearly outlined in Isaiah 61:1, a scripture with which both men were acquainted; Yahshua was doing those works.

John was facing certain death; His cousin was facing unimaginable suffering and abandonment, which John would know from his study of the Torah.  These two young men were extraordinary; they gave up everything that Yahweh’s will might be fulfilled.

Salvation cost Yahshua every heart-beat of love, every drop of blood, every ounce of energy, every scrap of dignity and, finally, the Presence of His Beloved Father (Mark 15:34).  Can we give less than our all, less than our best, as we serve our King?

“Behold, the Lamb of [Yahweh], who taketh away the sin of the world!” 

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