Thought For The Week 70

It always touches me that Moses donated oxen and carts to the Gershonites and Merarites to help with their task of moving the Tabernacle from place to place. (Numbers 7: 1-8)  However, He gave nothing to the Kohathites who were expected to carry their burdens on their shoulders. (Numbers 7: 9)  I wonder if they ever murmured about this.  The ‘not fair’ grumble springs to mind!  However, if we take a look at what they were asked to carry we find that it was the most sacred things from the Holy of Holies. There are some things that are simply too precious to be entrusted to carts!

Yahshua recreated this picture in the New Testament when He told the story of the lost sheep and described the loving shepherd as carrying his stray lamb back to the fold on his shoulders.  He was planting a beautiful new concept of that which is precious into the hearts and minds of the foundation ministers who would follow Him, teaching them a love-law of His Kingdom.

We are not promised a problem-free life when we come to Yahshua, but a rock and support through all its storms.  Sometimes it will be necessary to carry extra loads for others.  When this happens remember that you have been entrusted by Yahshua to carry some of His own ‘precious things’, and know that He is interceding in the heavenly Holy Place about the same burdens He has asked you to bear; you are ministering together; He cares!

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The church in ev’ry nation is one through all the earth; our charter of salvation, one God, one faith, one birth; one name together blessing, one holy food we share, to one hope ever pressing, at one in work and prayer.

S. J. Stone

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Mark 12:7-8 But the tenants said to one another, ‘This is the heir...

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