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Thought For The Week 97

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Prayer puts us into direct communication with the Almighty and so it comes under constant attack.  We must learn to differentiate between this and the inner fatigue of the heavy heart.  It is this latter which concerns me today. What do we mean when we say we can’t pray?  What is prayer?  Do we see it simply as the communication of our many and varied requests, with, perhaps, a thought or two of worship? Is it an exercise for the early morning, attached to a ‘Quiet Time’?  Does it always include words?

Over the years I have come to understand that true prayer is as varied as the people who pray.  It is a channel of fellowship and communion with the Most High, and will be crafted around the personality and love-style of each individual.  No-one knows us as He does; no-one reads our innermost person with such aptitude and no-one loves us like Him.   It is not necessary to be continually speaking to Yahweh in order to connect with Him for there is a fellowship that is sweeter than words.  When my heart is heavy my Father hears its anxiety, understands its burdens and loves and receives me with grace and mercy; even without words He hears my prayer, different perhaps, but still prayer.  When the heart has been tuned to HIS heart nothing can destroy the connection, and when the burdens or darkness lift I will find the communication as sound and sweet as ever it was.

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There is a Sovereign One who sees all, who knows all. There is nothing that happens in your life that this One does not know.


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