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Thought For The Week 96

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As we stand at the gateway of 2016 there can, surely, be no sounder advice than this.  Many of us will be relieved to see the old year slip away with its difficulties, hardships, problems and pain.  We can look towards the New Year with thoughts of hope and expectation, reaching out with optimism for new goals and the fulfilment of dreams.  Even so, the year will have its own share of joys and sorrows - it’s an unexplored territory of springs and fountains, of valleys and mountains.  We cannot know exactly what the future holds, but we do know Who holds the future; and He is entirely trustworthy!

Our wonderful heavenly Father Who, ‘twice a day washes all the beaches in all the world’, Who gives us day and night, springtime and harvest, cold and heat, the great Creator Who keeps our world continuously spinning in space, He is endlessly, eternally faithful. The Psalmist writes, “[Yahweh] is for me, so I will have no fear.” (Psalm 118:6 NLT)  And the prophet Hanani told King Asa, “…the eyes of [Yahweh] move to and fro throughout the earth so that He may support those whose heart is completely His.” (2 Chronicles 16:9 Amp. Italics mine).  What amazing statements!  How carefully we are watched and protected.

We are privileged to be able to put our hand into the Hand of Yahweh as we step into 2016. Certainly He will be for us ‘better than a light and safer than a known way’.

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For me one of the chief blessings of the New Covenant is the promise that we will all know Yahweh! Yahshua purchased this joy for us on Calvary.

Val Warsop


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