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Thought For The Week 77

Father and son looking at a city skyline across the water

The same qualities of generous love and patience are to be found in His Son.  Some weeks ago I received a text that has been resonating in my spirit endlessly, “Beautiful Saviour…walking at our pace though He is faster than light and sound; knowing all yet bending to listen to our stumbling words…so kind.”  When I commented on this poignant imagery my friend replied, “I had a mental picture of an adult patiently walking with a toddler who’s examining every blade of grass and crack in the pavement.  He moves as fast as the slowest of us.”  How electrifying this is – He is Omnipotent, yet available!  This week’s picture is of my nephew in a quiet moment of contemplation with his toddler son, and somehow, it encapsulated this thought for me, locking it into my heart to bring me constant delight.  So much so…I just had to share it!

Breath-taking that the Mighty One of the universe loves to hear us call Him ‘Father’; incredible that His Son should match His steps to ours and take time to listen.  Enjoy this knowledge, and be confident in this divine care as you and He move through your week together – but at your pace!

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For me one of the chief blessings of the New Covenant is the promise that we will all know Yahweh! Yahshua purchased this joy for us on Calvary.

Val Warsop


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