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Thought For The Week 72

How advertising persuades

However there is one advertisement that I find is always a joy to see and/or read – the life of a believer in Yahshua (see 2 Corinthians 3: 2-3).  Each of us is a ‘living letter’ which can be known and read by anyone; we should all be personal adverts for the life we live. Also, Yahshua encouraged us to live in such a way that when people see the good we do they might give praise to our Father in heaven (see Matthew 5:16).

The skill of advertising is to convince us that we cannot live, survive or support life without whatever is being offered; it strives to convince us to rush off and purchase anything from a chocolate bar to a sleek new car.  As a believer in Yahshua my life should reflect all that He is able to give me, all that He has purchased for me at Calvary, for example peace, joy, rest, love and power.  Trust in Him can generate a calm serenity during trials, and faith in His omnipotence can support us when we are faced with the difficulties of life.  The difference that He makes in our lives should be open for all to see and understand, but most importantly it should be underpinned with realism, a genuineness that it is impossible to refute.  It is a challenging fact that the believer is the only effective advertisement for the life of salvation and holiness.

When people look at your life, at my life, how do they react?  Turn the sound down?  Dash off to do something else?  Or do they give praise to Yahweh as they see a reflection of Yahshua?  Am I an effective advertisement?  Hmmm!  I certainly need to work at this today!

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