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Thought For The Week 80

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Let’s back up a little. For some time I had felt that my daily Quiet Time needed an injection of ‘something more’.  I had mused on scriptures like, “Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long.” (Psalm 119:97, NIV) I had asked myself, ‘How did they do that?’  I had even asked Yahweh to show me, but I was cautious because I knew that there are types of meditation that are not sanctified. Where to go to find out?  A little nervously I turned the paperback in my hand and opened it.  I browsed. It had scripture quotations throughout; my heart beat a bit faster. “Should I buy this?” I wondered, “What if it’s not acceptable?” As I dithered Yahweh spoke lovingly into my heart [I think He was laughing at me, He knows me so well!] “It’s 25p, if it’s not alright you can burn it!”  How practical – and it was the best 25p I have ever spent!

I have discovered that meditation can add a deep dimension to individual worship and quiet time.  Campbell McAlpine describes it like this: “Meditation is the devotional practice of pondering the words of a verse, or verses of Scripture, with a receptive heart, allowing the Holy Spirit to take the written word and apply it as the Living Word to the inner being.” 

I would encourage everyone to cultivate the art of meditation as part of a daily time with Yahweh.    I started with a beautiful notebook and an allocation of five minutes per day; almost 30 years later I am still buying beautiful notebooks and still meditating each day.


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