Peace In Our Time?

Thought For The Week 144

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In every place the apostle Paul visited while on his final journey to Jerusalem he was warned, through the Holy Spirit, that imprisonment and suffering were waiting there for him. [Acts 20:23 CAB] He was, however, able to respond confidently, “But none of these things move me;” [Acts 20:24].  He had such a settled faith in the plans and integrity of the One he served that he was neither shaken nor disturbed by the prophecies.  Eventually, from prison, he was able to encourage the Philippian church that the peace of Yahweh ‘transcends all understanding’ [Philippians 4:7 italics mine].

Writing about this same amazing peace, Hannah Whitall Smith comments, “[Yahweh] declares this peace to be the inheritance of those who have learned to rest only on Him.” My heart was cosseted by the power of this thought as I mused on its implications.  The apostle Paul had found the secret of resting on Yahweh and was kept in perfect, trusting tranquillity. The longer I walk with Yahshua the more I understand that such ‘secrets’ are buried deep in an ever-increasing knowledge of and relationship with the Almighty Himself.

If we learn to centre our inner being on Yahweh then even though problems or disaster, sorrow or suffering may shake the very foundation of our lives, we will find an unflappable, constant calm within.  The world can’t give us this kind of peace [John 14:27] and, because it is a direct gift from Yahshua, neither can the world take it away.

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