Sins Of Ignorance

Thought For The Week 246 By Val Warsop

I was facedown on the carpet, pleading with Yahweh to tell me what was wrong.  My heart felt empty, my spirit was dry and I had been feeling so bleak.  “What have I done wrong?” I sobbed.  But even Yahweh seemed to have abandoned me.  In desperation I thumped the carpet, wept, and eventually threw out a challenge I was positive He would be unable to ignore.  “If you don’t tell me what I’ve done wrong,” I cried defiantly, “I’m going to believe that nothing is!”  I was confident that this would have to produce a result, for how can there ever be nothing wrong?  Time seemed to stand still. I felt a bit nervous. Had I just threatened Yahweh?  Very slowly the room began to fill with a deafening silence. I could scarcely breathe as every part of me became aware that I wasn’t being ignored. This was the answer.   As I struggled with it, Yahweh spoke to me quietly and oh, so clearly, “So believe it!”

I heard my Father’s Voice that day and had to trace my problem to other sources.  I also had to understand that most of the time there is absolutely nothing between Yahweh and me!  This is the extraordinary power of Yahshua’s blood; He makes us acceptable!  His friend, John, wrote, “…if we walk in the light, as he is in the light…the blood of [Yahshua]…purifies us from all sin” [1 John 1:7]. 

Speaking of the Day of Atonement, the Bible records that the High Priest offered sacrifices “…for himself and for the sins the people had committed in ignorance” [Hebrews 9:7].  Israel was expected to offer sacrifices to cover their personal sins as often as was necessary; the Day of Atonement was to ensure that everything was covered.  Sin and wrongdoing that we confess to Yahweh is forgiven and cleansed by Yahshua’s blood; anything we have done ‘in ignorance’ is also purified!  This is why the Scripture describes Yahshua’s work as ‘a better covenant’ [Hebrews 7:22]. 

Through obedience my life is in harmony with Yahweh, but He continues to work on me, " For by one sacrifice [Yahshua] has made perfect forever those who are being made holy” [Hebrews 10:14].

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