The Cloud of Witnesses

Thought For The Week 142

Rays of sunshine bursting through clouds

The longer I walk with Yahshua, the more I become conscious of this ‘great cloud of witnesses’ that surrounds us. [Hebrews 12:1] Men and women of faith who have walked this way before us, who have experienced like joys and sorrows, who have basked in the bliss of knowing Yahshua.  Stories of courage, martyrdom, deprivation and faith inspire us; records of righteous lives encourage and thrill us.  There are times when I am overwhelmed with awe as I consider the legacy of truth and experience they have left behind. I am a bookworm, revelling in the printed page, thrilling to a knowledge of common experiences, personal viewpoints and the spiritual knowledge shared.  Our Father has so many wonderful, trusting, believing children – I sometimes think it will take all eternity to get acquainted!

Whilst I personally draw inspiration, strength, challenge and comfort from the writings of people like A.W. Tozer, Andrew Murray and Amy Carmichael [to name a few] I am ever conscious of the unknown multitudes who also swell the ranks of this cloud of witnesses.  Throngs of people whose lives never made headlines, whose names never hit the headlights, men and women who quietly and joyously gave up their lives for the sake of Yahshua, serving Him with loyalty and devotion.

Even today there are countless thousands whose gifts are not many or great and whose names are not known outside their own small circle. Their love and constancy light the small corner where the Master has placed them and their lives are a song of praise that is sweet and clear.  We all know people like this, and we can be sure that nothing goes unnoticed by the One in whose service we are occupied.

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