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Thought For The Week 60

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When Daniel heard this he hastened to the king and asked for some extra time, promising to interpret the dream. Then he and his friends got down to some serious prayer – after all, it was, literally, a matter of life and death.  During the night the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a vision and when he woke up and realised that Yahweh had answered their prayers he gave vent to a ‘spurt’ of praise (Daniel 2:20-23).  I smiled as I read it today; he was so grateful, so happy…and so ‘posh’!

I thought about the language of this ‘joy-spurt’, loving it, even if, by today’s standards, it does sound ‘posh’.  In Daniel’s time communication was either verbal or hand-written; they had time to talk and read.  In the 21st century we tweet and text, we message and email, we phone on the move; we listen to sound bites, and we watch world events in real time.  I ask myself how this affects my communication with Yahweh.  Something good happens and we say, “Wow, He’s amazing!”  Definitely not ‘posh’!  But do we have to speak to Yahweh in a special way and with a special voice?

Modern methods of communication are neither a surprise nor a mystery to Yahweh.  He looks beyond the words to the heart; if it is respectful then my gratitude, awe, amazement or excitement can spill out in any way at all, and it will reach His heart and give Him joy.  It resonates perfectly with Daniel’s ‘joy-spurt’.

So be who you are, communicate as you wish, reach out to Him anytime, anywhere, anyhow; He’s plugged into your heart and He understands you.

Let everything that has breath praise [Yahweh].

Psalm 150:6 NIV

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