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Thought For The Week 106

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When we think of one person among so many thousands it can seem like an unbelievably insignificant crime to receive such a serious and weighty judgement. Yahweh was inflexibly stern and yet we know His justice is true.  So why such a reaction?  The apostle Paul taught that just a small amount of yeast will ferment its way through a large batch of dough. (Galatians 5:9; 1 Corinthians 5:6)  The apostle was opposing sin and wrong attitudes and warning the people to be careful.  Did he learn this principle, that small things matter, from the story of Achan?  

Sometimes Yahweh highlights seemingly trivial things in our lives; how do we react?  Do we pay attention and respond, or disregard it as ‘nothing’?  Can Yahweh really be interested in trivialities?  Certainly!  He ruthlessly strips us of inconsequentials in order to train us to be victorious servants.  The more we yield to those inner promptings, the more we will grow in purity and holiness and the more we will experience success in our lives.

Following Israel’s purging Joshua laid careful plans for the capture of Ai, and the fighting men of that city, flushed with their previous success, neglected a basic strategy in warfare – watch your back!  It was to cost them everything!

In our spiritual walk and warfare, let’s be careful that success in one area doesn’t lull us into carelessness in others.  Remember to watch your back!

For more about the incidents mentioned here read accounts in Joshua chapters 6-8.

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