What's It Worth?

Thought For The Week 11

What decides how much something is worth?  Something which may be of no value to me could be of great value to another.  Collectors have been known to fight over desirables and prices skyrocket in bidding wars; values determined by how much someone is willing to pay.

In this sense we can begin to understand how very precious we are to Yahweh Who gave and then [temporarily] abandoned His only, beloved Son - for us.  Also there is the value placed on us by Yahshua Himself Who gave His life in the most horrific way – for our sake.  Consider what they were ‘willing to pay’ to buy us back from sin.

Treasure ChestDo you get attacked by thoughts of personal worthlessness; feelings of uselessness? Are you sometimes overwhelmed by a sense of failure? Or are you a victim of a variety of similar accusations that smother your effectiveness? You are not alone!  This is a centuries old trick to render Yahweh’s people inactive and lethargic.  Don’t spend your energy and time struggling against such painful thoughts, but direct your heart towards your true worth which is beyond calculation.  Set yourself free to serve Yahweh with joy and to be effective in the Kingdom of Heaven.

For [Yahweh] so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son…

JOHN. 3:16 [Amplified Bible]

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I'd like to suggest to you that a period of darkness in your experience doesn't necessarily mean you are out of Yahweh's will.

Peter Warsop

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