Whose Slave Are You?

Thought For The Week 46

Baby learning to crawl

As I have mulled over these thoughts I have been struck again with how very simple the basic requirements of our salvation are: we believe in Yahshua – we receive eternal life; we obey His commandments – we grow and mature in holiness!  Sometimes the thought of holiness overwhelms us and we see it as an unattainable place of dedication and separateness whereas it is simply an axiomatic outworking of obedience.    

Last week my great-nephew started to crawl and my friend’s granddaughter lost her first tooth; both being memorable milestones they were duly celebrated with photos on FB!  Oliver’s milestone took seven months of moments, while Sienna’s took five years, but both were an inevitable part of growing up.  In the same way a lifetime of living, walking and working with Yahshua is built up of moments; steadily and surely as we face each day with integrity and obedience, as we hold onto Him through difficulties, hardships and pain, an amazing history builds up, punctuated by its own milestones.  He only asks for our obedience.

Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me.

John 14:21 ESV

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As disciples we have to follow Yahshua’s example and empty ourselves of any rights that we think we may have and take on the attitude of a servant.

Alcot Walker


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