Wings Of The Wind

Thought For The Week 145

Three gulls flying against the background of a clear, bly sky

In our modern world we have studied this process of flight, naming it the ‘law of aerodynamics’, aerodynamics meaning, very simply, the way air moves around things.  One of the rules of this law is that flying into the wind quickly increases altitude.  If a bird is simply flying for pleasure, it flies with the wind.  But if it senses danger, it turns into the wind to gain altitude, and flies up toward the sun.

As I continued to muse on that Sabbath day, I thought that the sufferings and difficulties of life are like winds of Yahweh.  They can surge up unexpectedly and challenge us with the strength of a hurricane.  As we struggle against the pressure, sometimes even feeling as though we are fighting for survival, the very action lifts us to a higher plane, up towards the Son!

When I arrived in Rwanda there was a water shortage, everywhere was dry and extremely dusty, there was no running water in our home and I had to learn quickly the art of husbanding every drop [see thought: ‘Living Waters’ 6th February].  One day, however, the sky grew dark and the thunder began to rumble ominously; it growled and grumbled overhead for a while until, finally, the rain came!  I watched, fascinated, as great drops hit the ground, bounced up into little bubbles and then floated away on a thin film of water. Afterwards our world seemed fresh and new, dull, grimy vegetation washed clean, and the dust under control.

We ought not to be afraid of the storms of life - they do happen; we must allow the wings of the wind to lift us nearer to the heart of Yahweh.  As we trust Him, the storm will purify and change not only us, but also the circumstances, and we will find our lives enriched and renewed.

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The church in ev’ry nation is one through all the earth; our charter of salvation, one God, one faith, one birth; one name together blessing, one holy food we share, to one hope ever pressing, at one in work and prayer.

S. J. Stone

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