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The expectation for everyone coming to COY is that they’ll find a home, grow spiritually and become mature and competent disciples. We’re here to help you to move through the various stages of your exciting journey of faith.

Exploring Faith

If you’ve not had a personal encounter with Yahshua (Jesus) and are still searching for answers to the big questions of life then this course is perfect for you. Through it you’ll discover who Yahshua is and why He’s relevant to your life.

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Water Baptism

This short course is designed to help people who have accepted Yahshua as their Saviour to understand and prepare for the next step of their journey – water baptism. Baptism is part of the ‘born again’ process and it’s important for all believers to take this step.

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Being ‘born again’ gives you a new status and puts you into Yahweh’s family. This phase of the journey is about learning the first principles of being a follower of Yahshua; what it means to be part of the church and the privileges this offers.

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As believers we’re expected to grow in our faith and become like Yahshua. This does not happen in isolation. We grow best in groups – communities in which we learn, share, care, and pray together. You need to join a discipleship group.

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At this stage of our journey we recognise the fact that we’ve been called to serve the Master – His Body and those in the world who need Him. Courses are available to provide help in equipping you to serve through the gifts you’ve been given.

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The journey can continue with the opportunity of taking the Good News to lost people in your community and seeing lives change as they come under the influence of Yahshua’s love. You can also go abroad and minister to people from different cultures through various projects.

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Psalm 37:3-4 Trust in Yahweh and do good...

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Some will hate you, some will love you, some will flatter, some will slight; heed them not, and look above you: trust in [Yah], and do the right.

Norman MacLeod


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