The Family Name

Thought For The Week 15

The words Hallowed Be Thy Name written on a stome

I began to wonder about the way I behave in my personal world.  Does it, I mused, reflect who my Father is?  If my grandfather could show concern over the integrity of our family name, how much more may Yahweh show concern over the honour of His Name?  It is the most holy of all Names, to be respected and revered forever; it is a Name of power and majesty, it is magnificent and glorious – and I carry it in my heart and bear it on my lips.  This is no small responsibility and I am aware of the need to make regular checks in every part of my life to ensure that my conduct does not give Him any cause for concern.

 It was not by accident that Yahshua taught His disciples to pray ‘…hallowed be thy Name…’ as the request of first importance.  As I ask myself if I am a credit to that Name, may I also ask, are you?

"I will show you the holiness of my great name."

Ezekiel 36:23 [NIV]

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As disciples we have to follow Yahshua’s example and empty ourselves of any rights that we think we may have and take on the attitude of a servant.

Alcot Walker


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