A Gift Earnestly Desired

Read how a personal experience of sanctification changes the life of a young man.

I received Yahshua into my life when I was eleven years old. His love changed me from a very mischievous boy into being a respectable young man. As I walked with Yahshua, and responded positively to His dealings on my life, He helped me to overcome a number of major problems and difficulties I was having at that time - problems such as fear, worry, rejection, insecurity, inferiority. However, I was still a very normal young man, with normal teenage problems and temptations. There were certain areas in which I found no release, peace or victory, even though I had been baptised in water and filled with the Holy Spirit.

A glimmer of hope entered my heart when I heard about an experience that many people were having - an experience called sanctification. Sanctification, I learned, was something which would enable me to have complete victory in my mind, and give me the power to live above sin in every area of my life. At first I wondered whether this could be at all possible for a young man of only fifteen years.

However, accepting this as my only hope, I earnestly began to ask Yahweh for the gift. Days, weeks, months passed, and I grew desperate, realising that to have such a gift would bring me into a much closer relationship with Yahshua, my Saviour and Friend, and Yahweh my Father. At last, when I felt totally discouraged and was losing grip on everything I believed, an apostle came to visit us - for what purpose I did not know at the time! As we welcomed the Sabbath on Friday evening, Yahweh spoke to the group of people of which I was apart, and said that He had come to sanctify lives. Believing that He was speaking directly to me, I knelt on the floor and wept uncontrollably. The visiting apostle laid his hands on me, asking Yahweh to fulfil His word and sanctify my life. Almost immediately an overwhelming feeling of cleanliness and purity swept through my entire body. It was a feeling I had never before experienced and I knew that it was the gift I had been desiring so earnestly. I do not know how long I was kneeling in that condition but I was conscious of thanking Yahweh for what He had done in me. When I rose to my feet I felt like a new person. It was as though I had been brought into the world again, but this time, with no root of sin in my heart.

That experience proved to be a turning point in my life. I found that I had a much greater strength, which enabled me to resist temptation in my mind before it lodged in my heart. Weeks passed and the initial feeling I had received that Friday left me, but the gift stayed.

The gift of sanctification is as real today as it was years ago. Looking back, I realise that the reason I am still in victory is not so much that I have kept, and learned to maintain, that gift, but that the gift has kept, and maintained me, enabling me to live a life which is pleasing to Yahweh.


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