Feeling Lonely?

There Is An Answer!

This is the text of a tract we produced. It shows how we try to fill the loneliness within us and offers the best way to cope with it.

Are you feeling lonely?  Did you know that everybody has times of loneliness?Loneliness

You can be in a crowd of friends or family, yet feel lonely.  You feel you’re different; nobody loves or understands you; you feel you’re not as good as everyone else.  Or you can be on your own, feeling you’ve made a mess of your life.  Both situations can leave you not knowing what to do or how to escape.  Ever felt like that?

People try different ways to get out of this, but not all ways are helpful.  Some can make you feel even worse or drag you further down.  Some people try spending money to make themselves more beautiful, but this doesn’t solve the problem – it just papers over the cracks.  Others seek the adrenaline rush - faster cars, thrills and spills - but what happens when you are back home alone?  Some people act rougher or tougher than their peers, showing off – but this produces only the illusion of popularity.  Others get into drugs or alcohol to hide their real selves – but this respite is temporary and destructive.  Some even choose partners only because they are sure some company is better than none!

Is there a real escape, a way to face loneliness head on – and win?  YES!

Be encouraged because your worst time can become the best moment in your life. Cry out to Yahweh (God) - to Yahshua (Jesus): “If You are real and if You love me, help me now.  Prove Yourself to me, because I need You.”  And be prepared to seek Him and find Him.  He wants to be your lifetime companion, not a one-night stand. Yahshua really does love you.  He has already proved it by living the perfect life we could not live and dying a death He did not deserve so we, who have done wrong in Yahweh’s sight, could be forgiven.

If you cry from a sincere heart, He WILL answer you.  Yahshua, who rose from death and is alive today, promises that He will never leave us, and that He has a plan for our lives.  


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