Spiritual Gifts

A Brief Overview - Part 1

Yahshua didn't say to the apostles, "Hey guys, I've saved you, now go and make disciples. I'll just sit up in heaven and leave you to figure out how to do it. You'll get the hang of it. I'll be back sometime to take the glory." No, He is with us every step of the way, sending the Holy Spirit to work with us and through us. In a variety of ways, He gives gifts to help us accomplish the task. Here's a brief look at gifts mentioned in the New Testament. Perhaps it would be an idea if, for each one, you ask yourself, "Is this describing me?" If the answer is "yes" or "maybe", go and discuss it with a leader in your church to see how you can best make use of the gift.

APOSTLE - one sent with a message.

The apostle has a divine ability to start new congregations or ministries; to nurture and oversee their development. Paul said his ambition was to "not build on another man’s foundation". In today’s church world people who have this gift are seldom called apostles – they are often referred to as ‘Church Planters’. Apostles are pioneers, they have the ability to take risks; a willingness to try new things; in the body of Yahshua they are Yahweh’s entrepreneurs. They can make something out of nothing

PROPHET - one who speaks forth.

The prophet is one who is called by Yahweh and given a divine enablement to speak on His behalf. The prophet often brings messages that offer direction, correction and clarity of vision.

Prophets often see truth that others fail to see and challenge people to respond positively to it; they also have an understanding of Yahweh’s heart and mind which is frequently based on the experiences He takes them through. Often they’re willing to stand alone for what’s right.

EVANGELIST - one who proclaims good news.

The evangelist has a divine enablement to communicate the good news of Yahshua to unbelievers with such conviction and clarity that they are able to respond in faith and move toward discipleship. The evangelist has the ability to sense opportunities to share Yahshua and to lead people to respond with faith. They rarely overlook opportunities of this kind. Evangelists have a knack for turning conversation towards the spiritual side. They have a love for lost people and a desire to see them saved. This gift may be used in many different ways. You may have the gift of evangelist but your personality is introverted and so the gift will show up in different ways. You could have a real heart to share Yahshua with other people but haven’t yet learned to share in ways that are consistent with your personality.

PASTOR - one who shepherds a flock.

The shepherd has the divine enablement to nurture, care for, and guide people toward ongoing spiritual maturity; providing guidance and oversight, and equipping them for ministry.

The word 'pastor' in Greek literally means 'to lead and to feed'; it means ‘to care for’. In Acts 20 pastors are told to protect the flock; to give their lives for the flock; they are to equip them. Those who have the gift of shepherding feel much fulfilled in their ministry because they’re out there caring and sharing. They love to keep in touch with their small groups; they enjoy caring for people. Some of you have that gift in seed form.

TEACHER - one who instructs.

A teacher has the divine enablement to understand the Word of Yahweh; to educate Yahweh’s people by clearly explaining and applying the Word in a way that causes them to learn and move them toward Yahshua-likeness; and the ability to equip and train other believers for ministry.

When a person has the gift of teaching they can hold your attention; they keep you with them. Some of you may have this gift, but it’s in seed form and you need to develop it. You willdevelop it as you become involved in some kind of ministry.


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