What If?

Just Imagine If Yahweh Were Real!

At one time I was definitely a ‘woman of the world.' I was doing drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling, and about every criminal activity you could imagine. I had no belief in ‘God’ or in anything except my own abilities of power and control. I felt in control of my own life. And I felt this in spite of my drug use, and gambling and alcohol addictions over which I had no control whatsoever! I associated with well-known, hardened criminals and I enjoyed every minute of it! 

In the summer of 1999 a young friend of my son told me about a Saviour called ‘Yahshua’ (Jesus).  I thought he was crazy; I told him he had ‘lost the plot’ and to get out of my house. I didn’t believe in anyone but myself. He told me my lifestyle and the things I loved so dearly were ‘sin.’ He told me Yahshua died so I could be forgiven. Although I wouldn’t listen he came again and again, constantly telling me about Yahshua, until one day I felt something pulling on my heartstrings. I knew there was some truth in what he was saying. A few weeks later I was thinking about all he had told me and wondered, ‘WHAT IF?’ What if what he is saying is true? What if I need to know this Saviour before I die? What if I didn’t admit I had done wrong and ask Yahweh (God) to forgive me? Would I spend eternity in utter misery, without hope and without Yahweh’s love?

On a Monday evening, late at night, in the quiet of my bedroom I prayed, “… if there is a God then reveal yourself to me.” I asked Him to forgive my sins. He came to me instantly. I felt as if I was having an operation and my heart had been taken out, but I was still breathing so I knew I wasn’t dead! I was really scared. I knew there was an Almighty presence in my room and that something was happening to me. Finally, something like a thunderbolt went straight through my body and the ‘operation’ was finished. On Tuesday morning I was a different person!  I no longer had the urge to take drugs (I had been taking three highly addictive kinds). I wasn’t swearing. I was cleaned up from the inside. Don’t ask me how Yahweh did this but He did! 

This was no flash in the pan. It wasn’t a phase I was going through. I still believe in Him now, happy for what He has done for me, clean from every addiction. I have no desire to go back to my old life. Only Yahweh could have done this for me!  If He can do it for me He can do it for anybody, including you. You simply need to acknowledge your need, call to Him believing and He will bring about change in your life.

Yahshua, the Son of Yahweh, came into our world; suffered and died for all the wrong things (sins) we have done, was buried, but rose again to be the One who would save us from our sins. He became my Saviour when I called out to him that night in my room.

The people I used to lead astray, I now lead to the risen Saviour. Many are open to knowing Him because of what He has done in my life. Many come through my door seeking answers to pressing needs in their lives. There is a lot of crime where I live, but I let people know that Yahweh really loves and cares for them. If at first they don’t believe my words they can see the difference in my lifestyle. 

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Pause For Thought

As a Christian, put your faith where you know it should be... secure in the love of [Yahweh] and not preoccupied with things that are temporary. 

Joel W. Lohr

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