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Thought For The Week 313 By Val Warsop

When Moses was 120 years old, he began to prepare the nation of Israel for entry into the Promised Land.  They were a young, vibrant generation; many had been born in the desert and all had grown and matured there.  Moses desperately wanted this new generation to succeed. He spent hours going over all the important issues, emphasising key points, and reminding them of the covenant they had made at Sinai.  As he was coming to the end of his instructions he cried, “Choose life so that you…may live!”  And then added, “Love [Yahweh], obey Him… remain faithful to Him…for He is your life” [Deuteronomy 30:19-20, italics added]!  What a challenge!  But how thrilling to understand the principle that as we love, obey, and stay faithful to our amazing Father, He, Himself, is our life. 

There’s a fascinating sequel to this.  A little later, Moses said, “Yahweh’s portion is His people” [Deuteronomy 32:9].  Israel’s life was Yahweh!  Yahweh’s portion is His people!  I find that concept truly breathtaking, and an incredible lesson for today.  We can learn that when Yahweh means everything to us, as a people, then we, as a people, mean everything to Him! He has a vested interest in our welfare and well-being!

As a church experiencing a global pandemic, cut off from each other and bound by restrictions to all forms of interactive fellowship, we could easily imagine we’ve been living in a desert!  During Israel’s desert journey, their clothes and sandals didn’t wear out, their feet didn’t swell [in that heat?] and Yahweh miraculously provided them with food and water; for forty years!  Yahweh can send food with the morning dew and cause a rock to provide water for a thirsty multitude and their livestock! 

What are you in need of today?  Nothing is too hard for Him!  Has lockdown and its accompanying problems been hard?  Are you struggling? Choose life!  There is One who is constant, omnipotent, and available; you are His portion and He is your life.  He has never failed any who have trusted in Him; He won’t start now!


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[Yahweh] always does what is good for us. If you believe that he gave his own Son for you, this is what you believe. And all of the Christian life is simply the fruit of that faith. Look to [Yahshua]. Look to the love of [Yahweh]. Live in love. And fear no more.

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