Heavenly Instinct

Thought For The Week 217 By Val Warsop

Amy Carmichael knew Yahshua throughout her life; loving Him passionately and serving Him devotedly.  Born in Ireland, she eventually spent 55 years [without furlough] in India, where she learned life-changing lessons and acquired stores of wisdom. She was a woman of faith and prayer.  The story is told that, as a child praying before she slept, she would smooth out a space on her sheets and invite Yahshua to come sit down beside her!  She was consistently eager to talk and listen to what her Heavenly Father had to say.

Amy was challenged by this scripture, “This is the confidence we have in approaching [Yahweh]: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.  And if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him” [1 John 5:14-15].  Reflecting on it, she wrote, “One who loves his Father knows by a kind of Heavenly Instinct what he may ask for, and what he may not ask for.  Or if he is any doubt, he ceases to ask anything and rests his heart on [Yahshua’s] own prayer, ‘Thy will be done’.” 

How many of us, I wonder, have pondered over ‘according to His will’?  I certainly have.  How many times have we agonised over [seemingly] unanswered prayer, measuring it by this promise?  Then there have been the times when we have stopped asking for anything and offered a simple “Thy will be done”.  Have you ever felt guilty about this, and worried over, ‘Ye have not, because ye ask not’? [James 4:2].  It can be equally disturbing if you have ‘ceased to ask’ and others are beseeching heaven, because there’s the story Yahshua told about ‘always praying’ [Luke 18:1-8].  Do any of these dilemmas sound familiar?

The thought that we have heavenly instincts in these matters, brings comfort to my heart.  I believe they increase as we mature in knowledge of Yahshua.  There are many ways to pray; it’s communication, worship, intercession, friendship and so much more.  We must develop our personal connections.  Trust those heavenly instincts which are being born out of your evolving relationship, and never stop praying!

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[Yahweh] always does what is good for us. If you believe that he gave his own Son for you, this is what you believe. And all of the Christian life is simply the fruit of that faith. Look to [Yahshua]. Look to the love of [Yahweh]. Live in love. And fear no more.

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