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Thought For The Week 225 By Val Warsop

I am often overwhelmed by the magnificence, beauty, and wonder of the natural world in which we live. The complex diversity and sheer profusion of creation is mind-blowing; and the more we discover the more there is to amaze.  However, we humans frequently live in this world with a carelessness that also overwhelms me.  So often, we are heedless of creation, indifferent to others.  Nature documentaries alert us to the damage we are doing to the earth and its resources, whilst world news bombards us with stories of reckless crime, of war and displaced people, of famine, starvation and dying children.  Valiant charities shower us with requests to ‘make a difference’ by our donations.  And I wonder, sadly, is it possible for one person to make a difference?

Yahshua said, “You are the salt of the earth” [Matthew 5:13] and, reflecting on this, Oswald Sanders remarked, “Without the salt of Christianity, civilisation would have collapsed centuries ago.”  An extraordinary statement that gave me pause, for I am part of that multitude of believers!  Do believers in Yahshua wield so much power?  In Yahshua’s time salt was a necessity, a mineral used for seasoning, preserving, preventing food from going bad, and even as a disinfectant!  Knowing this, He told His disciples, “You are the salt…”  They were not told to be salt, or carry salt, or scatter salt. He told them, simply, that they were!  This is not an activity we must be engaged in, it’s something that flows out from our faith and has a wide-reaching influence on the corruption in the world.

Yahshua, who declared, “I am the Light of the world” [John 8:12] equally said, “You are the light of the world” [Matthew 5:14].  This means that as His disciples we have a reflected light that, collectively, reflects Him into this world; all believers are part of this light.  Both salt and light make their presence felt; they make a difference.  In the same way, quietly, without trying, those of us who love and follow Yahshua make a profound difference in our world.  “…let us not be weary in welldoing…” [Galatians 6:9] but be encouraged to continue a steady, faithful lifestyle.

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Let [the image of Messiah] shine forth in our profession of faith, let it shine forth in our love, let it shine forth in our works and deeds so that, if it is possible, all his beauty may be represented in us.

Ambrose of Milan

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