True Intercession

Thought For The Week 218 By Val Warsop

What is true intercession? This is a question I have asked many times, and I have concluded that there are many answers; and no answer.  Admirable men and women offer records of challenging prayer lives, but their testimonies are puzzlingly varied.  True intercession, I decide delightedly, is that prayer which is offered by a prayer warrior.  But then I must ask, what is a prayer warrior?  Is it someone who prays long prayers, or spends hours on their knees?  Someone who fasts and weeps before Yahweh?  Or maybe someone devoted to silent contemplation?  You see, many answers – and no answers.

Recently I read, “As we focus our minds and hearts on [Yahshua], we find Him shaping us, including how we pray. He enables us to give the gift of true intercession to friends, family members, and even strangers.” (Amy Boucher Pye).  I have learned that Yahshua shapes my prayer-life, but how can we give a gift of true intercession?

In the past, I have felt intimidated by the prayer lives of people like John Hyde, Rees Howells, Brother Lawrence, Madame Guyon, and others.  I worried that I fell far short of some required standard, but I’m realising that Yahshua shapes us according to who we are and His purpose for us.  Effective prayer, which equates to true intercession, is a matter of heart-connection to Yahweh.  Oswald Chambers described it as “the breath in our lungs and the blood from our hearts…”  Prayer is not an exercise, but a way of life; harmony with Yahweh as unconscious as breathing, as steady as a heartbeat.  We have our personal prayer times, but our days can be lived in an intimacy of divine fellowship.  The lifting of the heart to Yahweh in wordless prayer, or in ejaculatory requests, or in wondering worship and praise. 

A little-known translation of Matthew 28:20 reads, “I am with you all the days, and all the day long.” [Charles Moule]  Because He is, He can pop someone into our heart, inspiring us to pray, or text, or ring, or write.  Don’t ignore this, but, through it, give that person ‘a gift of true intercession’.  Primarily, be who you are, and allow Him to continue shaping you.

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Let [the image of Messiah] shine forth in our profession of faith, let it shine forth in our love, let it shine forth in our works and deeds so that, if it is possible, all his beauty may be represented in us.

Ambrose of Milan

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