Who Is Responsible?

Thought For The Week 5

However, Yahshua was crucified for the entire human race; sacrificed for the cleansing of sin and our rebirth into eternal life.  This culminates in a basic human responsibility for His death which we should not deny.  We are all accomplices in the crime that mercilessly tortured and then executed Him.

How many times this week will we need to turn to Him for forgiveness?  Envy, jealousy, anger, lust, hatred and carnality are just a sample of the endless list of human failings.  I had a part in putting my beloved Yahshua to death and each time I go to Him for forgiveness I need to remember that with humble gratitude.  His ready forgiveness cost Him everything; His power to intercede on my behalf cost Him everything; His ability to empathise with my humanity cost Him everything!  I bear some responsibility for putting Him on the cross and for the brutal treatment and untold suffering which preceded His crucifixion.  I too, am guilty as charged!

He bears no ill-will for what we put Him through; He simply offers His love and mercy endlessly! Let’s raise a united paean of praise and thankfulness to Him as we walk through this week, as we fast on Yom Kippur; He is so worthy.

Leviticus 23:27 [NIV]

The tenth day of this seventh month is the Day of Atonement. Hold a sacred assembly and deny yourselves…

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Let [the image of Messiah] shine forth in our profession of faith, let it shine forth in our love, let it shine forth in our works and deeds so that, if it is possible, all his beauty may be represented in us.

Ambrose of Milan

Pause For Thought

Song of Songs 8:6-7 Place me like a seal over your heart...

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