Yahweh In Yahshua

Thought For The Week 309 By Val Warsop

When Yahweh sent His beloved Son to earth, allowing Him to be clothed not only with human flesh but with all the frailties and weaknesses of our humanity, it was a gift beyond the farthest reaches of our finite understanding.  The longer I study this extraordinary phenomenon the more awed I become.  “In the beginning,” writes John, “was the Word…and the Word was God” [John 1:1].  As the introduction to his book unfolds, John informs us that everything that was created and made was done through this Word.  Then he reveals the Word to be Yahshua!  He “became flesh and made His dwelling among us” he exclaims, thrillingly [v14]. 

What can we know or understand about the deity of Yahshua?  He was one with the Father, joined in heart and spirit from eternity!  How did He lay aside His glory, incomparable majesty, and creativity?  How can we begin to grasp how much it cost to set aside the splendour and magnificence of divinity, and be clothed with humanity?  “He did not permit the power of His Godhead to destroy the manlike weakness of the flesh,” writes Charles Spurgeon.  Yet the apostle Paul tells us clearly that Yahweh was in Yahshua, reconciling the world to Himself [2 Corinthians 5:19].

There was an incredible purpose at work!  It had been planned since before  the beginning of time.  Yahshua always knew what reconciliation would cost.  He would have known the ancient prophecies and all that was predicted for the suffering Messiah; yet still He came.  We connect with His humanity in Gethsemane, where He was “…struck with terror and amazement and deeply troubled and depressed.  And He said…My soul is exceedingly sad (overwhelmed with grief) so that it almost kills Me” [Mark 14:33-34, Classic Amplified]! We connect with His divinity in Revelation, where His friend, John, tries to put into words what it was like to be confronted with the majesty of the Risen Messiah [Revelation 1:12-18]. 

Yahweh, in Yahshua, was Creator and Redeemer, and “…purposes in his sovereign will that all human history shall be consummated in [Messiah], that everything that exists in Heaven or earth shall find its perfection and fulfilment in him” [Ephesians 1:10 J.B. Phillips NT]. This is our Saviour and our Friend!

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Let [the image of Messiah] shine forth in our profession of faith, let it shine forth in our love, let it shine forth in our works and deeds so that, if it is possible, all his beauty may be represented in us.

Ambrose of Milan

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