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Thought For The Week 451

What do you understand by the word ‘righteousness’?  It occurs so often throughout the Scriptures and it’s importance is incalculable.  Are you a righteous person?  How would you answer that question?  I hope so?  I try to be?  I’m working at it?  I don’t know?  It’s important to have a clear, steady answer.  The blessings of righteousness are manifold!  Some of these are catalogued in Proverbs 11 and it’s impressive.  Righteousness rescues us from death, clears our path before us, leads us to life, rescues us from trouble, causes us to flourish and enables us to bear life-giving fruit.   Are you righteous?

The blood of Yahshua is the power which brings change to our old nature - the person we once were.  Paul says we’re all “justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in [Messiah Yahshua]” [Romans 3:24]. Justification cleanses us from all the sins of our past, our debt is cancelled, our lives are made new, we are righteous.  To believe otherwise is to do despite to the precious gift of Calvary!  Try saying it: I am a righteous man/woman!  How does it feel?  It’s a glorious, heart-thrilling truth!

Paul blessed the Corinthian church by asking Yahweh to ‘increase the fruits’ of their righteousness [2 Corinthians 9:10].  He prayed for the Philippians to be “filled with the fruits of righteousness” [Philippians 1:11].  As righteous people we will produce the fruit of righteousness, for this is now our life and will be reflected in our lifestyle. It demonstrates who we are in Yahshua. It is “the natural outgrowth of a renewed nature,” writes Charles Spurgeon of a righteous man. “It is not a thing fastened upon him - it grows out of him.  It is not a garment which he puts off and on, but it is inseparable from himself.” 

King Solomon tells us “the root of the righteous is immovable…is productive” [Proverbs 12:3 &12].  As believers, we’re rooted in Yahshua and it’s His life in us that produces the fruit which captivates others and hallmarks our lives with an inseparable righteousness and His own dear image.

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With [Yahweh] on the inside of you, the impossible becomes possible, the unmovable becomes movable, the undoable becomes doable, the broken becomes fixed, the lost becomes found, the poor becomes rich, the sick becomes healthy, and the dead becomes alive. 

Nate Barbour

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