Thought For The Week 99

Warsop family at an anniversary

Peter’s opening remarks in this letter have always had a powerful effect on me, and many times I have spoken of and exulted over the thrilling knowledge that “…his divine power has given us everything that is needful for a life of piety…” (2 Peter 1: 3; 20th Century NT italics mine)  I love the fact that we can reach out for holiness and live a life of devotion and righteousness; and that we have all we need to do this!  In my recent muse I was captivated by the following thought: that we may participate or share in Yahweh’s divine nature.  How can it be possible?

The apostle is encouraging us that we can have something in common with Yahweh Himself; we can be partners in His nature, and we can share some of those innate properties and powers which characterise Him in His divinity. This is breath-taking, awesome in its immensity.  In the same way that we are recognised, naturally, as being the child of our parents, so we can be recognised, spiritually, as being children of Yahweh.  Yahshua is the One who links us with a righteous ‘gene pool’ from which our divine ‘DNA’ is drawn.  It is expected that we take on the nature of Yahweh and grow more and more like Yahshua as we mature in salvation.  Holiness is not an optional extra; it’s available and expected!

Photo: Valerie Warsop

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[Yahweh] always does what is good for us. If you believe that he gave his own Son for you, this is what you believe. And all of the Christian life is simply the fruit of that faith. Look to [Yahshua]. Look to the love of [Yahweh]. Live in love. And fear no more.

Christopher Arch

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Romans 8:35, 37 Who shall separate us from the love of Messiah...

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